APPETIZERS (choice of 3 included)

• Fresh mozzarella, basil & tomato crostini
• Mojito shrimp, chicken, beef or pork or Caprese “pinchos” (kebabs)
• Crab cakes with aioli
• Grilled Argentinian chorizo crostini with chimichurri
• Passion fruit and fresh fish or shrimp Ceviche topped with avocado
• Spring rolls
• Prosciutto, Manchego cheese and melon with balsamic reduction
• Garlic Hummus with baked pita chips
• Potato and wasabi beef meatballs
• Chicken, pork, beef or crab “Empanadas”
• Carnitas quesadilla with guacamole, pico de gallo and Mexican cream
• Serrano ham and Dutch cheese risotto arancini topped with cilantro aioli
• Chicken and pork flautas: Rolled and crunchy tacos topped with lettuce, pico de gallo
• Fresh fish or shrimp ceviche with fried green plantain

1st Course (Soups & Salads)

• Mixed greens with mango vinaigrette
• Classic Caesar salad with ranch dressing
• Cucumber, mango and peanuts salad, with ginger- coconut and lime dressing
• Heart of palm, artichoke, arugula, chives, cherry tomato, cucumber and walnut salad
• Traditional onion soup
• Pumpkin and corn creamy soup

2nd Course (Main Entrée)

Chicken & Pork:

• Grilled Chicken breast with garlic and “recao mojo”
• Chicken and shrimp sautéed with pancetta chimichurri
• Roasted pork loin with tamarind and cilantrillo sauce
• Guava glazed pork ribs
• Smoked pork chops with chunky apple sauce
• Kung Pao spicy chicken with cashews
• Paella: Serrano ham, Spanish chorizo, pork ribs, and chicken

Beef & Lamb:

• Grilled Angus skirt steak, New York striploin or Ribeye with chimichurri
• Asian Style Angus Skirt Steak
• Filet Mignon with creamy mushroom wine reduction
• Lamb chops marinated in Dijon mustard & Rosemary
• Lamb chops with rosemary and thyme au jus sauce
• Lamb or beef tomato and veggie lasagna
• Rack of Lamb on a soft beer-mole sauce
• Pan seared and piquillo peppers buttered duck breast
• Turkey breast with orange, ginger and honey sauce

Fish & Seafood:

• Seafood Paella: squid, mussels, shrimp, clam & fish
• Snapper or Mahi-Mahi filet with a wild mushroom duxelle
• Tiger shrimps or Prawns with a lime and garlic butter
• Seafood Lo mein
• Pan seared catch of the day with “ajillo” sauce (Garlic, onion and guajillo chile) *No spicy
• Pan seared salmon with cherry tomatoes & creole white wine reduction
• Caribbean spiny lobster with guava beurre blanc sauce


• Broccoli cream, smoked bacon, and cherry tomatoes tagliolini
• Tomato and pesto gnocchi
• Smoked brisket canneloni with parmesan and white wine béchamel

• Sides:

• Wasabi potato mash
• Mixed greens with mango vinaigrette
• Roasted or steamed season vegetables
• Wild mushroom risotto
• Cilantro rice
• Mashed potatoes with bacon and chives
• Caesar Salad
• Cobb salad
• PR style rice & beans or “Mamposteao”
• Sweet potato provenzal
• Mexican style Corn on de cob
• Roasted garlic and mixed carrots pure
• Grain salad

Desserts & Birthday Cakes

• Vanilla-crème brulee-toffee cake (bday cake $75.00)
• Carrot ganache brown butter cream cheese frosting- toffee (bday cake $75.00)
• Chocolate mousse-salted caramel ganache cake (bday cake $75.00)
• Fried Guava Cheesecake
• “Del Pais cheesecake” local cheesecake, raspberry marmalade, mascarpone & pomegranate
• Flanborghini: vanilla, coconut or cheese custard with truffle oil
• Deep fried nut crusted chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream
• Tres leches cake
• “Parcha Pie”, passion fruit curd, shortbread cookie and toasted merengue
• Ginger & turmeric “Tembleque” coconut milk based
• Hershey Pie “Coquito” black cookie with white cream, coquito mousse layer